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Large Scale School holiday activities

Organising Large Scale School Holiday Activities

As a way of encouraging parents to visit (and shop), school holiday activities are always a great drawcard for a shopping centre or complex. The key is to provide high quality entertainment and
activities for kids, but also budget friendly ones too. As kids’ entertainers, we’re often asked for ideas on ways to entertain kids over the school holidays, and today we’re happy to oblige.

Attract & Entertain by Providing School Holiday Activities!

Large scale retailers are constantly seeking ways of attracting customers to their stores. Paying for advertising in print and social media to promote sales or new store openings are only so effective. Getting regular new and repeat foot traffic into the doors requires a different tactic and that can be done by providing kids’ entertainment.

Adults are attracted to this by seeing the benefit of having something free for their kids to do during the holidays. Often they make an outing specifically for it, having lunch while they’re out and checking out the stores.

Kids are attracted because of the fun and exciting activities they’ve heard about and happily head to the complex to be entertained. While they’re there, spending pocket money and hanging out with friends also occurs.

But in order to attract both the children and the parents, the school holiday activities need to be of a high quality and well organised. That’s where we come in.

Top Bookable Large Scale School Holiday Activities

At The Magic Brush, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptionally wide range of top quality kids event services. As professional entertainers, we excel in the organisation and smooth operation of activities with large numbers of kids, making us the ideal choice for your school holiday program. Our standard packages are also flexible, and we can easily adapt our service to meet your specific requirements.

We can provide:

  • Craft workshops – using recycled materials where possible, we’ll help kids to create a useable and fun craft they’ll happily show others! We’re happy to customise our crafts to suit a theme, or create activities just for your event.
  • Face painting – there’s nothing like face painting to get kids lining up with excitement. This event is ideal for catering for large numbers of children, or we can work with small groups for more detailed designs.
  • Balloon twisting – from laser guns to dinosaurs, our talented balloon twisters will keep both small and large crowds of kids engaged and begging for more! Hire multiple balloon artists to speed up production time and keep queues to a minimum.
  • Balloon arches & installations – for venue decorations around a stage, an entrance way or atrium, a balloon sculpture or installation is the perfect scene setter! The ultimate in kids’ event venue decoration, we will take care of all the set up and pack down too.


You can book our kids’ entertainment services directly on our website, or get in touch for the personal touch!

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