Kids SFX Makeup Parties

Kids & Teens SFX Makeup Parties

Looking for a unique and fun party activity? Look no further than The Magic Brush team of SFX makeup artists! SFX makeup parties are the ultimate party entertainment activity for kids and teens of all ages. From super heroes to dinosaurs, zombies to vampires, our talented SFX makeup artists will bring the magic alive and help you create an event which lives on forever in the memories of those who attended.

Let The Magic Brush team amaze your guests with a tailored kids and teens SFX makeup party. Book your spot now to avoid disappointment!

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Options for Kids & Teens SFX Makeup Parties

Our SFX makeup parties for children and teens are offered in two options:

– Our artists apply the makeup onto your guests. From cuts to wounds, blood and bruises, allow 11 per minutes per child, with a maximum of eight kids per booking. A minimum of 1.5 hours booking required.
– Get your hands dirty – we will guide you into turning yourself or each other into something horrific! All materials supplied.

During the Get Your Hands Dirty option, we will teach three SFX makeup techniques:

– Bruising and Black Eyes – we’ll spend time discussing the stages and healing of bruises: the initial redness as blood vessels burst. then how bruises change colour from greeny-blue to purple, to red and yellow-green, before they start fading.

– Textures – we’ll demonstrate the different textures SFX makeup can have: cotton, tissue and latex. We’ll show how various textures can be achieved using those materials, plus coffee grinds, and spend time going over the various painting techniques which can be used.

– Cuts and Wounds – we’ll have your guests experimenting with a few options including waxes & gelatin. We’ll show how to use face paint and add blood, plus use the bruise wheel. Splatter blood will be introduced using a range of blood types. Finally we’ll discuss and demonstrate bruising around the wound.

– Prosthetics – we’ll have some ready-made liquid latex prosthetics your guests can try and apply.

As latex is one of the materials commonly used in SFX makeup, it’s important you let us know if any guests have a latex allergy.

Latex removal can take some time, even using hot steam and a warm towel, so patience is required.

Removal of all applied SFX makeup is the responsibility of you and your guests. We recommend:

– Iso Alcohol – cleaning tools and to sanitize
– Iso Myristate (oil) is a gentle prosthetic remover that breaks down the latex
– Any cooking or baby oil will break down the applied prosthetic

Full prosthetic removal instruction here: Prosthetic Removal Instructions

We have a large network of local artists in: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Taupo, Rotorua, Waikato

From time to time, we might be able to arrange for artists in the following cities, depending on availability. Please contact us before booking these cities and the rest of New Zealand:  Nelson, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Napier, Whangamata, Tairua, Waiheke Island, Gulf Harbour, Orewa, Whangaparoa and Great Barrier Island. Travel and accommodation fees where applicable are additional.

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