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Using Body Art for Corporate Events

Have you ever noticed that out of all the marketing activities a business could try, using body art for corporate events gets the most attention? If you think about it, body art is unique, quirky, fascinating and gets people to stop what they’re doing and look! What else could a business want, than to draw attention to themselves in a positive and memorable way?

Gold model in the background painted by Samantha Fernandes, our creative director for Me Magazine 2012

Our work at the 2016 Cuisine Good Food Awards with The Human Agency – guests were able to “pick” macaroons off the costume designed art installation and therefore interact with the artwork & entertainment.

Today we’re going to share with you some ideas on how you can successfully use body art for corporate events hosted by your workplace or attended by your employees. Be prepared to be amazed …

How Your Business Can Use Body Art for Corporate Events to its Best Advantage

Adult body art has been around for years. From costume balls to pregnancy portraits, hen’s dos to music festivals, we’ve created and painted individuals for hundreds of different events. While we have been aware of the impact body art has for many years, it’s the corporate event industry’s newest weapon in their marketing arsenal. Here are just some of the body art for corporate event ideas you could try:

• Product launches
• Opening of new stores
• Social media advertising
• Clothing and accessories promotions
• TV commercials
• Sales events
• Trade shows
• Team building activities
• Corporate parties
• Fundraising events
• Carnivals & fairs
• Fashion shows

For these corporate events, we can design body art to specifically match your needs. For instance, for the opening of a new pet store, employees can be transformed into different animals using body art. Or for a trade show where you a demonstrating a new type of knife, why not have a model painted as a chef or even a piece of food! We can custom design the artwork to be as conservative or risque as you desire. We catering to the type of guests attending your event, incorporating costume design as required and ensuring the final outcome keeps your brand values in mind.

Types of Body Art for Corporate Events We Offer

Whether you want to impress, shock or grab their attention, body art is one of the most interesting types of marketing a business can do. It may be short lived, in that it will wash off in the shower, but it’s impact is long lasting!

With adult body art teams all around the country, including Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, we can help you get noticed and have fun with:
• All over body art for themed balls, costume parties and dress up parties
• Face painting
• Body painting for Hens Dos and stag nights
• Airbrushed and temporary tattoos
• Live walking art, perfect for shows, parties and other corporate promotions

To book our body painting artists for your upcoming corporate event, get in touch with us today! You’ll love the magic and excitement which body art will bring to your next business event.

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